Empire of Blood Rain

Influences: Mayan/Atztec culture/rituals/e.t.c

The Nation Edit

Infrastructure Edit

Pyramids Edit

Pyramids with many huts, very 'blocky', made from ancient brick and stone that has been strengthened by sacrifice over the generations.

Gardens of Paradise Edit

These gardens are based off of the Chinampas used in the Aztec empire (they are basically floating gardens).

These gardens are used because the swampy area makes it almost impossible to grow regular food or the near extinct magical crops from the Empire of the Golden Sun. These gardens also increase the production of the magical crop native to the broken coast and its following lands. These gardens appear in many different areas they can appear in cities, the countryside, and even the Emperors personal palace. The gardens function by the use of interweaving reeds with stakes beneath the lake/rivers surface (swampy area has a lot of water so therefore it creates some shallow lakes/rivers), basically creating underwater fences. Soil and vegetation are piled into the 'fences' until the soil is visible above the waters surface.

The drainage system works by the creation of many ditches to allow the flow of water and sediments (including human waste). Over time, the ditches accumulate piles of mud. The mud is then dug up and placed into the gardens which also fertilize and provide the soil with nutrition and minerals.

Grand Cities Edit

with a few gigantic cities built on each other (emphasised on shapes and carvings, mostly stone and clay).

Culture Edit

Races Edit

Mostly human, some turned into beast via dark magic (blood magic), very resilient and strong, if needed they can survive solely on blood, EVEN THEIR OWN, they know the jungles like th back of their hand, their mages (shamans) are incredibly powerful and knowledgable about dark magic but mostly blood magic.

Magic Edit

Rituals include many variants which are believed to contibute to different 'powers' such as stength or intellect, the more powerful the individual being sacrificed, the more amplified the certain power/attribute desired becomes, however this also depends an the already existing power of the attribute on the victim beforehand (smarter people sacrificed for intellect will be more powerful than a dumb person sacrificed for intellect).

History Edit

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